Tranquil Sea is the 1st Island in Ninja Fishing

Fish: Next Island
36/40 Dinosaur Island

We only have 36 fish while Yuanie has uploaded 40 fish.


Sea urchin Pastaya corydoras Sandara fangelar Urnichormh [rarest] Erdaschuthiyuohcthys [really rare]

Rare fishEdit

  • Giant Squid
  • Ghostopus
  • T-Rex Fish
  • Othulhu
  • Robo Fish
  • Giant Jellyfish
  • Fishonoctopus


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This (above)  is a Tranquil Sea picture slider. This (right) is a Tranquil Sea picture slideshow.

This (above) is a Gallery.

Thank you for coming to Tranquil Sea. See you in Dinosaur Island!


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