Also check th(ese)is page(s): Fake Tranquil Sea fishes

List of Tranquil Sea all fish
Tranquil Sea All Fish

Tranquil Sea All Fish

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    • Yellow Minnow - Rainbow Fish.
    • Seabass - Eel.
    • Crab - Puffer Fish
    • Squid - Tuna.
    • Barracuda - Octopus.
    • Swordfish - Plankton.
    • Manta Ray - Coelacanth.
    • Giant Squid - Scorpion Fish.
    • Hammerhead Shark - Ghostopus.
    • Ogre Fish - Giant Clam.
    • T-Rex Fish - Hagfish.
    • Blob Fish - Robo Fish.

Lunar New Year Special Fish

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