Catching the Othulhu - Story 1 (made on 22 April 2013)

              Once upon a time, I was playing Ninja Fishing. And when I caught the T-Rex Fish, I saw Othulhu and drilled it. Bad luck! Then on 31 of March 2013, I caught it ! But it wasn't my 2nd time of finding it. It was my 4th! And well, hope all of you like it. Have a happy day on my Wikipedia!

The end. By Yuanie.

More books coming:

Book No. 2: Catching the 3-headed Hydra (May 2013)

Book No. 3: Update of Shipwreck Cove (August 2013)


Q1. When did I first saw Othulhu?

(1)when I caught the T-Rex Fish

(2)when I caught the Treasure Chest

Q2. When did I catch Othulhu?

(1)on 31 March 2013

(2)on 2 April 2013

Add your Quiz answers in the comments.

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